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WB2WGH submitted: This spreadsheet contains the band table (Band Table, Sub-Band, Central Frequency Sub-Band) on page 48 (Chapter 19, Table) of the Expert 1.5K-FA user's manual. It can be used to copy/paste frequencies into your rig's computer interface for ATU calibration. Notes: Column A: Amateur Radio Band Column B: SPE Sub-band Column C: Raw frequency in MHz Column D: Frequency in Hertz formatted for FlexRadio SmartSDR. This column contains a formula that can be adjusted for other radios and formats the data in column C for the radio of interest. Column E: Y for US in-band frequencies, N for US out of band frequencies. This column uses conditional formatting to flag in red any out of band frequencies Columns F, G, H & I: Data capture for each of the 4 antennas. Currently populated for my antennas. N/A = not applicable for the antenna, Y = ATU tuned for the sub-band, >X = SWR greater than X. You can pick your favorite values. Any value with a ">" sign is conditionally formatted as red. If any of the other SPE amplifiers use a different band table, please let me know and I will add additional tabs to the spreadsheet. 73, Ron